Missed Private Music Lessons and Make-Up Lessons:

Make-up lessons will be offered only when 24 hours of notice has been given to The Hildebrandt School of Creative Musicianship.
Make-up lessons will be limited to 2 per teaching year.
Make-up lessons will be scheduled on specific days throughout the year. Should you wish to sign-up for a make-up lesson, please contact HSCM.
No refunds are given for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Missed Group Classes:

There are no make-up classes for group music classes.

Late Students:

Due to our schedule, we are unable to make up time for students who arrive late for their lesson. Group classes will begin at the scheduled time. Students are encouraged to arrive on time as tardy arrivals disrupt the class and opportunities for learning will be missed!

Course Materials and Books:

For certain classes/lessons, course materials and books may be required. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian, or the music student, to purchase required course materials when applicable.

Payment of Fees:

Group lessons are payable before the start of each semester, and must be paid in full at the time of registration. Private lessons may be paid either by semester, by month, or in certain situations, individually. Payment may be made with check (made out to Anne-Marie Hildebrandt), cash, or credit card. Cash or checks can be mailed or delivered along with a registration form to:

Studio Fee

There is a $15 studio fee for each family per semester, used to cover the cost of
copies and printouts
materials used in the studio-
various kinds of paper
markers, pens and pencils
the many visual, tactile, and aural aids I use to help teach, which could include
personalized recordings
charts and graphics
personalized repertoire
the piano tuner

The Hildebrandt School of Creative Musicianship
1031 Kathryn St.
Boalsburg, PA 16827

Credit cards are accepted in person or online.
Students' enrollment in classes, or time slot for private lessons, will not be assured until payment has been received.

Withdrawal Policy:

Fees are not refundable.


Due to allergies and food intolerances, no food is permitted in the music room or the waiting area.

Snow Days:

Status updates as to whether we will be operating or not will be provided on The Hildebrandt School's Facebook page as applicable.